SourceForge project page

This project is hosted on SourceForge; you can find its project page here.

The complete archive of downloads can be found at the project's SF download page.

Source tarballs

Official tarballs:
Here is the official source tarballs for our latest release.

Core software:
vhba-module [20170610]
cdemu-daemon [3.1.0]
libmirage [3.1.0]

Client applications:
gCDEmu [3.1.0]
cdemu-client [3.1.0]

Image analyzer:
image-analyzer [3.1.0]

Source and Binary packages

Official packages:
You can create DEB packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Mint Linux etc. directly from the distribution tarballs or from a cloned git repository. These package scripts are meant to serve as a reference to other packagers.

You can also use them as a foundation for creating RPM packages. You can convert DEB packages to RPM with the alien utility: alien --to-rpm *.deb, but keep in mind that the conversion is far from perfect. Manual editing is required for post-installation setup etc.

Third party packages:
Depending on your distribution, the packages might be provided by external repositories. We gladly accept builds for your Linux distribution. These packages are not verified by us so use them at your own risk! Also we do not provide support for them.

Ubuntu APT repository [latest]
Fedora packages [latest]
OpenSuSE packages [3.0.2]
Arch linux packages [3.0.2]
Mageia packages [2.1.1]

Slackware packages [2.0.0]
Slackware packages [3.0.2]
Chakra packages [3.0.2]
Sabayon packages [3.0.2]
Gentoo ebuilds [3.0.2]
Alt linux packages [3.0.2]

GIT repository

If you want to live on the bleeding-edge, want to participate in development, are just curious, etc., you can always clone our GIT repository. For more information, click here.

To clone the GIT repository, use:

git clone git:// cdemu-code (read-only)

To clone the GIT repository with developer access, use:

git clone ssh:// cdemu-code (read-write)

It is also possible to examine the GIT repository via a web-based interface.

Please note that for building from GIT, some additional tools which are not needed when building from released sources might be required.